Training Philosophy

With over 30 years experience in developing and delivering industry specific training courses for the industry, we pride ourselves in a system that has been tested and improved over time.

CPG has the proven track record of ensuring that the individuals that attend our course receive the industry expected knowledge and exposure they need.

Our structured courses delivered by skilled and experienced instructors makes all the difference in how the attendees are inspired to develop their careers within the industry

The philosophy at CPG is simple, efficient and highly effective in raising the bar of individuals working within the industry.

The framework of our training philosophy is as follows:

Industry Needs

Understanding the ever changing requirements of the industry is the main driver for our training team to regularly invest the time and effort to research and assess industry expectations.

The information obtained through our intensive research and analysis is used to re-align our training program as needed.

Individual Needs

Understanding what the industry expects of individuals within the industry is important, however understanding the needs of the individuals is even more important.

Our experienced training team have significant experience in understanding how to create relevant and up to date courses as per the industry expectations, and how to deliver the material to ensure that the specific needs of the individuals are catered for.


All our instructors have a minimum 10 years of practical work experience within the industry and within the schema that they train in.

Our trainers are not dedicated to delivery of training, it is a requirement that all our trainers maintain a minimum yearly quota of delivering work within the industry, to ensure that they are also up to date in real life work activities.

Course Material

Our course material is carefully created to ensure that it meets the industry expectations, and the method of delivery is designed to cater for the specific individual needs of the attendees.

The course material is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure that the content and workshops are relevant and what is expected within the industry.

Course Delivery

Understanding the needs of the industry and the attendees and developing the most suitable and update date course based on industry and individual needs is even important. Identifying the most suitable instructors with the necessary skills and experience is even more important.

None of the above matters if the delivery of the course does not achieve the desired result. At CPG our success of delivery is second to none.


Attendees are provided with a portal to maintain communications even after their attendance of a given course. All attendees are encouraged to maintain communications to further develop their understanding and improve their success in implementing the theory of the courses in a practical and commercially viable manner.