Certification Philosophy

At CPG our certification philosophy is based on internationally recognised Project management disciplines (PMBOK, PRINCE2 and Agile)

CPG philosophy is embed the base fundamentals of Project management process in how we manage the certification needs of our clients during each three year certification cycle.

CPG has taken the Plan, Do, Check and Act steps within the ISO standards and implemented a unique method of embedding the same within our project management methodology ensuring that we are able to seamlessly integrate the project deliverable of certification into any organisations regardless of their chosen Project management framework.


CPG’s certification planning process identifies the needs of the client organisation in relation to the certification requirements and embeds them in clear objectives which are then delivered within the organisations chosen Project Management framework.


CPG certification process has a proven track record on how it delivers an ethical and fair assessment of a clients conformity in relation to a given ISO schema.


CPG monitors and has a detailed check list managed by our online CRM system for all certification projects for a given client.


CPG’s online CRM system’s notification system allows for our team to efficiently and effectively manage any non conformists and or anomalies through out the Clemens three years certification process.

Empowering our team to act in a timely manner provides consistency to our client base.