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Certification Services - CPG Global

Certification Services

Clients invest a significant amount of internal resources time and engaging with suitable external contractors to be ready in one or more ISO standard or National scheme.

The journey of select a Certification Body / Approved Quality Auditor (AQA) to engage with to manage the 3 years certification program is the most important factor within the journey of gaining certification. Having a Certification Body/AQA that either does not have the capability and or capacity to deliver an optimal service can be crippling to the organisation and cost the organisation delays or refusal of certification.

CPG has been in the Auditing and Certification industry for over 25 years and has a proven track record of delivering a service in over 45 countries. And the success of our client achieving and maintain ISO certification and Human Services Certification / Registration for multiple cycles is a credit to how we engage with our clients.

CPG provides a number of certification services consisting of:-

Certification Program

The certification process is very detailed and requires a certification body that has the understanding and experience to ensure it is managed accordingly.

CPG has over 35 years experience in the Certification industry and has the proven track record to create, manage and deliver a 3 year certification plan for our client base

Certification Auditing

CPG provides a full range of auditing services as part of our clients journey on ISO certification.

Our method of auditing services delivery allows our clients to take comfort in knowing that CPG will provide the structure, framework and information needed in a timely manner to assist our client base in obtaining and or maintaining their ISO certification.

Certification Registration

Clients who have successfully completed the initial stage 1 & 2 audit process have the ability to have their ISO certification registered with an IAF recognised Accreditation Body such as JAS-ANZ or SAC.

CPG will register the ISO certification and continue maintain the registration throughout the 3 year certification cycle.

Certification registration is completed after initial Audit and then again after each surveillance audit

Compliance Management

Clients invest time and money to ensure that they successfully complete the initial audit (stage 1 & 2) process.

Obtaining the registration is easier than the time and effort needed to maintain the certification over each of the 3 year cycle

CPG provides a seamless process on how we manage the ongoing compliance on behalf of our clients