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Training Services - CPG Global

Training Services

Gaining education, qualification, skills, exposure, life and industry experience via a formal structured training program and the networking opportunities is one of the best investments for an individual in their chosen career.

CPG has been delivering training, networking opportunities and a mentoring program to the auditing and certification industry for over 30 years.

Our range of training courses are well structured and delivered in many countries in a manner that is well endorsed by our client base, and the attendees that successfully complete the courses obtain a global recognition which assist the attendees in providing further career opportunities.

CPG training and mentoring services consist of the following:

Public Accessible Training Courses

CPG has a number of training course offered to individuals who wish to gain or update their qualifications within the auditing and certification industry

Our public available courses are structured and delivered in a manner that ensures that the successful attendees will receive a certificate with EXEMPLAR GLOBAL recognition.

These courses are delivered by our training team in many countries, and they yield an excellent result for attendees given the diversity in experience of global trainers.

Onsite Client / Supply Chain Training Courses

Client Internal Training services is designed for our larger clients who wish to have a number of their staff trained.

We work with our clients to deliver a Public Available course however the entire course is delivered where all the attendees are from a client organisation and or their supply chain.

The course can be held on the client organisation site (within their office locations) or within one of our preferred conference centers.

All successful attendees will obtain a certificate with EXEMPLAR GLOBAL recognition.

Auditor / Lead Auditor Training Course

CPC Auditor / Lead Auditor training program is well structured and focused on developing the education levels and skills of individuals within the Auditing industry.

The discipline and practice of Auditing has many benefits for the individual in their personal growth and the organisation being Audited.

Our Auditor / Lead Auditor training has for over 30 years provided individuals the career growth path to further develop their skills within the auditing industry.

Auditor Mentoring / Training

CPG offers a well developed and managed mentoring program for those individuals who wish to enter the auditing and certification industry

The mentoring program does deliver formally structured courses to a select few in predominantly one on one basis.

The CPG auditor mentoring program is one way CPG gives back to the industry that provides so much to many individuals.