SAC Certification

As a SAC accredited certification body, CPG offers the following certification.

SS 584 Multi Tier Cloud Security (MTCS)

Harmonize cloud security procedures with SS 584 Multi Tier Cloud Security Standard (MTCS)

In recent years, cloud computing has grown to become one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry. Nowadays, companies of all sizes are beginning to understand the potential benefits of cloud computing technology.

However, concerns about cloud security of IT infrastructure remains, as cloud security standard, is still an uncharted territory. Therefore, the cloud computing industry and service providers need to harmonize their cloud security standards and procedures, in order to penetrate the enterprise market, and to harness as much potential as possible.

In order to help businesses understand cloud security standard provided by different cloud service providers (CSPs), the SS 584, which is the Multi Tier Cloud Security Standard for Singapore (MTCS SS), was introduced, and is the world’s first cloud security standard that covers multiple tiers.

Tier 1:
Designed for non-business critical data and systems with basic security control, that address security risks and threats targeting low-impact information systems. (e.g.: Web site hosting public information)

Tier 2:
Designed for organizations that use cloud services to protect business or personal information, and run critical business data and systems in a moderate impact information systems. CSPs in this tier have more stringent security controls (e.g.: Email / CRM – Customer relation management systems)

Tier 3:
Designed for companies with specific needs and more stringent security requirements. Industry specific regulations may also be applied, to supplement and address security risks and threats, in a high impact information systems using cloud services (for example but not limited to: Financial / Medical records)

Taken in total, these factors make a powerful statement to your clients and stakeholders.

Within CPG Global, our local office, CPG (S) Pte Ltd is Accredited by SAC for MTCS systems. We have the know-how to audit and certify a wide range of internationally recognized management systems related to quality, environment, energy, safety, risk, health, education, business continuity and social responsibility.

On a Global basis this encompasses various sectors and industries such as automotive, rail, aerospace, mechanical engineering, construction, metal production and processing, information technology and healthcare.

Certification can support implementation of best practices to assess and improve your operations. Enabling you to reduce risk and enhance efficiency. So when it comes to choosing a partner to help you promote a culture of continuous improvement, look to CPG.

CPG is accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council to audit and certify – businesses for Multi-Tiered Cloud Computing Security.  We have certified three out of the world’s five largest cloud providers.

The granting of this accreditation is based on the technical competence of CPG and continued compliance with all accreditation requirements including the SAC Accreditation Agreement.

CPG’s experienced auditors possess the expertise and training to conduct audits for information security and other quality management systems in many industrial sectors. Our experts adopt a holistic approach to multiple international standards such as SS 584 Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, SS 564, Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and Penetration Testing / Vulnerability Assessment.