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Auditing Services - CPG Global

Auditing Services

There are many intricacies within the auditing industry and there are many auditors that claim they have a solid understanding of a given ISO standard, have the necessary personal skills, qualifications and industry experience to perform the activities to lead and or take part in auditing activities.

CPG has offices in more than 24 countries and has been in the industry for more than 30 years. During this time we have seen our fair share of auditors that lack the understanding of ISO standards, the personal skills, experience and overall industry experience.

Our clients take comfort in the fact that our team are trained internally and take part in a regular internal assessment to ensure that they are maintaining the level of skills needed to be deemed as a competent auditor.

CPG provide a number of auditing services consisting of the following:

Internal Audits

For clients wishing to gain or maintain an ISO certification there is an expectation / requirement to perform internal audits in accordance with the requirements of the given ISO standard.

Some clients may consider that they do not have the trained internal resources to perform the activity to the required level.

CPG offers our clients the opportunity to leverage from our 30+ years of experience in the auditing industry.

To address this need CPG provides publicly available modular internal auditing training courses in line with many Standards.

For those clients looking to improve their quality of service but perhaps not wishing to be certified, our CPG auditing services also include delivery of internal audits to clients who are not presently certified with CPG.

Clients seeking such a service from CPG should note that CPG will be unable to offer any certification services for a period of two (2) years following delivery of such internal audit service.

Supply Chain Audits

In order to maintain ISO certification the commitment to continual improvement it is an expectation that our clients must audit their supply chain to ensure the continuity of constant, on time and suitable quality of supply.

A fairly significant portion of our client base appears not have the full depths of skills to perform the supply chain audit to a satisfactory level with their current internal resourcing.

CPG offers our client a supply chain audit service in line with the requirements of the requirements of any given ISO certification.

CPG also provides an up-skilling portion allowing internal resources to complete the work in the future.

Certification Audits

CPG has over 17 years’ experience within the Human Services & Disability Sector and was involved in the pilot Disability Certification Program in the early 2000s and audited as Team Leader during within it.

Certification auditing for a given ISO standard and finally applying for certification is a very detailed and resource intensive exercise.

There is an expectation that the clients have a solid understanding of the ISO requirements for the given standard, and understand that the certification audit is performed by a Certification accredited body.

CPG has over 30 years experience and the proven track record to perform certification audit against a number of ISO standards.

Our simple and seamless process on certification auditing currently being delivered in 20+ countries is well endorsed by our client base