Auditing Philosophy

CPG management team have over 35 years experience identifying, training and mentoring individuals that form part of our global audit team.
There is an art behind the science of education and gained industry experience that allows our audition team members to deliver the best result for our clients.
Being involved in the industry as long as our senior management team has ensures that the mentoring program for our auditors is exceptional.
Developing and delivering industry specific training courses for the industry, we pride ourselves in a system that has been tested and improved over time.
CPG has the proven track record in retaining all levels of skilled auditors to cater for the many needs of our global client base.
The auditor selection, training and mentoring ensures that we conduct and deliver a fair and fit for purpose audit for any given ISO scheme.


It is important to note: “you can train skills but its very difficult to train attitude and character”
The character and overall ethos of the individual required for a professional auditor is hard to come by within the modern professional individual.
CPG auditor identification, evaluation and selection criteria process is detailed and has consistently delivered successful auditors as part of our team


Selecting a suitable candidate to join the CPG auditing team auditor is crucial and the most important step as an achievement for any of CPG auditors
The internal training program developed and delivered forms the foundation of the professionalism and expectations of a CPG auditor regardless of the size and complexity of the client.


Our President has been in the certification and auditing industry for more than 35 years, and during this time has mentored a large number of individuals who are with CPG and many other companies and competitors.

Our Senior Management team have similar experiences each covering many years of experience.
Our mentoring program and team that delivers it is world class with a proven track record of success.

Fit for purpose

Each and every auditor is matched for their given skills, education and industry experience and allocated relevant ANSIC (The Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification) and /or NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities) codes.
CPG selects the most suited auditor for the given client needs based on their allocations of ANZSIC or NACE codes.

Fair Assessment

CPG highly qualified auditors use their skills, education and industry experience to assess the clients business for conformity to a given standard via document review, discussions, interviews and onsite observations.
This well established and proven method results in a fair and just assessment of the clients conformity to a given standard.

Record Keeping

Accurate and consistent records keeping provides the backbone of any auditing program
CPG digital and online record keeping system is state of the art and allows for our auditors to maintain a high level of consistency throughout each 3 year cycle of the audit process.